The Importance of a Positive UX

  Most designers and developers who dedicate countless hours of sweat and hard work toward building quality digital health applications feel as if their creation deserves to dominate its niche; however, whether a product thrives on the market is decided by criteria far from how well its creator thinks it operates. It matters little how [...]

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The Accessibility of Digital Health

Like any system, health care exists in a state of constant reinvention; the way we access the tools and services that facilitate our well-being is molded by shifting social circumstance, and refined by technological progress. There’s no doubt that improvements in digital health products’ market availability and processing power have rendered them more accessible than [...]

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Why “Digital Marketing” is a Misnomer

  When you write an email to your friend, are you digital writing, or are you just writing? When you read a book on your Kindle or Nook, are you digital reading, or are you just reading? When you pay your bills online, are you digital paying, or are you just paying? If you’re anything [...]

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The Intersection of Digital Health and Digital Marketing

The Digital Revolution, as it is sometimes called, has made a lasting mark on mankind. The widespread development and subsequent adoption of digital technologies as they became available during the 1980’s was, in a word, prolific. Perhaps even more notably, the digitization of the modern world hasn’t slowed down one bit since getting its legs [...]

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12 New Year Tips for Websites – Happy New Year 2012

In honor of the new year, we offer 12 business tips for 2012! Here are some ideas/tips to keep in mind if you have a small business or a website: Keep your passwords secure! Okay this one isn’t really a business tip, but I’ve seen too many people get their websites and/or email accounts hacked.

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