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Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Digital Health

  The global population swells by billions every decade, and the amount of people needing medical treatment climbs wildly in turn. Human processing ability alone is no longer sufficient to sift through and service a worldwide patient list numbering in the hundreds of millions; we are outnumbering ourselves. Doctors and medical staff, tasked with mastering [...]

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How the Digitization of Healthcare Could Save You Money

  Many people believe the healthcare system in the United States at the moment is, in a word, flawed. In addition to middling levels of effectiveness, the US also claims the top spot in overall healthcare cost. According to The Journal of Health Affairs, an average American can expect to pay over $10,000 per year [...]

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How Digital Health Is Giving Power Back to the Consumer

According to Pew Research, almost two-thirds of American adults own a smartphone, nearly double the 35% of respondents that indicated they did just five years ago. Naturally, with more smartphones in the pockets of Americans across the country, the capabilities of our devices continues to grow. The capabilities of digital health on our devices is [...]

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