The Intersection of Digital Health and Digital Marketing

The Digital Revolution, as it is sometimes called, has made a lasting mark on mankind. The widespread development and subsequent adoption of digital technologies as they became available during the 1980’s was, in a word, prolific. Perhaps even more notably, the digitization of the modern world hasn’t slowed down one bit since getting its legs

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The Importance of Digital Health Literacy

As a country, we the people of the United States of America are getting better at living. We’re living longer than we ever have before, increasing our effectiveness of fighting off disease, and decreasing infant mortality rates at an incredible pace. As we get better at living, our increased life expectancy and better access to

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What is Digital Health?

The term “Digital Health” is less complex and mysterious than it is often portrayed. I see healthcare / life science professionals and outsiders alike confuse “Digital Health” with the simple application of health information to things like websites, apps, or wearables. While these examples sometime play a role in Digital Health, I believe the term

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Thankful Memories

While the holidays are a time of heightened joy, they can also be a time of deepened grief. Memories of loved ones who have passed from our life can be devastating at this time of year. But the very fact that we grieve shows that, while they've been removed from our sight and senses, they are still visible in our minds and hearts.

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Phone Pranks

I was cleaning out my hard drive today and found two phone pranks I recorded back in like High School.  Still funny and now posted to YouTube for posterity. What happens when eating from the dumpster and the food gets you sick? Let's find out... "Chicken wings" classic prank to a neighborhood bar.

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