The Importance of a Positive UX

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  Most designers and developers who dedicate countless hours of sweat and hard work toward building quality digital health applications feel as if their creation deserves to [...]

Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Digital Health

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  The global population swells by billions every decade, and the amount of people needing medical treatment climbs wildly in turn. Human processing ability alone is no [...]

Could Digital Health Spell the End of the Doctor’s Office?

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For as long as doctors have practiced, we’ve relied on them to remedy our lumps, cuts, bruises, and breaks. When we’re stricken with sickness, or we feel [...]

The Accessibility of Digital Health

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Like any system, health care exists in a state of constant reinvention; the way we access the tools and services that facilitate our well-being is molded by [...]

How the Consumer is Adopting and Adapting to Digital Health

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  We live in an increasingly quantifiable world, a world where we can now measure and calculate everything from the nutritional content of last night’s snack, to [...]

The Pros and Cons of Data-Driven Marketing

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    The wave of mass-information that at any given moment cascades over cyberspace is nothing short of breathtaking; according to a 2016 infographic by Excelacom, every [...]